As a kid, you may remember getting yearly eye exams at school. Or getting your eyes checked at the doctor’s office for your yearly physical. But, now that you are an adult, how often should you be getting an eye exam? And what are the signs that an eye exam is long passed due?

You don’t remember the last time you went to the eye doctor.

Eye exams, especially for people who have never experienced vision problems and do not need contacts or glasses, are easy to put on the backburner. You may even opt out of vision care benefits because you never visit the eye doctor. If this is you, consider scheduling an eye exam. Eye exams are extremely important for your eye health. Even if you are not currently experiencing vision problems, regular eye exams every one to two years can help detect warning signs of eye diseases and health risks.

You are experiencing frequent headaches or migraines.

Have you noticed an increase in headaches or migraines? Headaches are one of the first signs that your vision is starting to change. This is important to be aware of as there are many eye diseases and vision challenges that can cause headaches, such as:


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated. There are many different types of glaucoma, however, all of them include high eye pressure that has caused damage to the nerve that connects the eye to the brain. This high pressure can also cause headaches felt in and around the eyes and forehead.


If you are farsighted and you don’t know it, you may experience frequent headaches around the forehead and brows. This is caused by subconsciously focusing harder on nearby objects in order to compensate for your farsightedness.

Digital Eye Strain

In today’s day and age, screens are everywhere. If you are frequently on your computer, tablet, or phone — for work or pleasure — and you start experiencing frequent headaches, a visit to an eye doctor near you may help. Blue light blocking glasses or contact lenses may be a great solution for you.

You find yourself squinting.

Have you noticed your crow’s feet are intensifying, even though you just splurged on the latest eye cream? Or that you are constantly squinting to read what you wrote down on your grocery list, what the street sign says up ahead, or the T.V.? Squinting is the ultimate sign that it may be time to schedule an eye exam.

You have developed a sudden sensitivity to light.

Have you noticed that you are suddenly sensitive to the light in the office? Or sunlight? A sudden onset of light sensitivity may be an indicator of an eye disease or an infection.

If you experience any sudden changes in your vision, pain and discomfort around your eyes and forehead, or are suffering from frequent headaches, schedule an eye exam at Poudre Valley Eyecare — Formerly Vision Eyeland — in Fort Collins. Or speak with an eye care professional today! We would be happy to discuss your eye care needs.