Makeup and beauty products play a monumental role in American society. Nearly every woman in the country, and a number of men as well, start using makeup daily from a young age. With how much we use and rely on our makeup to help us look and feel our best, are there any drawbacks to makeup use? The answer, like most things in life, is that it depends. If you are practicing good makeup habits and usage, there is little risk to using makeup. In today’s blog here at Poudre Valley Eyecare, we talk about makeup as it pertains to your eye health and some things you can avoid to make sure you aren’t causing harm to your eyes.

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Old makeup

In order to best protect your eye health, it’s important that you are wary of using older makeup. Your eyelashes have natural bacteria on them. This means that after the first use of products like mascara, your brush is “contaminated” — which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. When your mascara has bacteria from your eyelashes on it and you put it away, the bacteria start to grow and multiply. This is harmless for the most part. But, if left for too long, you run the risk of a bacterial infection or other complications with eye health. 

It’s best to throw out makeup that has expired or is more than three to four months old. You should also dispose of your mascara when it starts to form clumps. Additionally, be sure not to share eye makeup with anybody else. This increases the risk of a bacterial infection spreading to your eyes, thereby creating eye health and vision problems. 


It may seem a bit obvious, but you should avoid hitting your actual eye with a mascara brush or any other type of makeup. This can create a corneal abrasion, which is essentially a scratch on your eye. While this may not sound like much, it can be very painful and lead to other, more serious complications with eye health, such as infection. Proper treatment in these cases can be essential in avoiding possible permanent damage to your eyes or clarity of your sight.

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Fake eyelashes

When properly used, fake eyelashes can be a great way to achieve your perfect look. But, always be very careful when applying fake eyelashes. When the glue gets into your eye, it can cause great discomfort, corneal abrasions, infections, and more. 

It’s also recommended to always thoroughly clean and wipe off your makeup before you go to sleep. Properly cleaning all makeup off isn’t only good for your skin, but it can also prevent any makeup from getting into your eyes.

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