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Whether you’re only one year old or 100, your eyes play an important role in your quality of life and are often taken for granted. That is until something goes wrong. The best thing you can do for your eye health is getting a routine comprehensive eye exam. We can keep your vision at its best and catch small changes in your eyes leading to better long-term vision.

How Are Your Eyes Doing?

Did you know that many eye diseases can present with no symptoms at all until the disease has already progressed? A comprehensive eye exam empowers us to evaluate the eye and visual system for eye health problems early and take action if necessary to prevent permanent damage that would otherwise occur without treatment. It is critical to an individual’s quality of life to identify these problems before they get serious. Our low-cost eye exams and eye doctors are dedicated to providing you and your family with the very best eye care. Our focus is YOU!

What To Expect

Thanks to our passion for superior patient experience and updated technology, we fully assess your vision within one affordable appointment. After we collect your medical and vision history, here are the basics tests to expect:

  • Visual acuity test – we’ll put you in front of a chart and have you read it with one eye covered at a time.
  • Binocular vision assessment- vision is much more than just 20/20. Our eye doctors take the time to assess how your eyes work as a team for optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of all structures of the eye and visual system including dilation and if requested a high-resolution image of 200 degrees of your retinas with the latest in technology Optos Optomap.
  • Determination if you are in need of vision correction via glasses, contacts or other options available to you.
  • Visual field testing – we feel a true comprehensive exam not only includes making you see your very best but also making sure you’re seeing everything you should be.
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Make Your Appointment

Whether you visit us every year (recommended if you’re more than 40 years old) or every few years, it’s important to get your eyes checked regularly. Contact our family-run practice in Fort Collins to schedule your comprehensive eye exam today.

Why Choose Us?

Our advanced technology and individualized care deliver results for patients of all ages. Our routine exams allow us to spot changes in your vision and allow us to treat those changes early. Our eye doctors have a comprehensive understanding of eye care, which means we can treat a wide range of conditions and chronic diseases. Our in-depth routine exams and customized treatment plans set us apart from the rest.