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Children’s Eye Care of Northern Colorado 

Pediatric Eye Doctor In Fort Collins

The best thing you can do for your child’s vision is to schedule routine eye exams. Eye and vision development are complex processes. The earlier sign and symptoms of eye and vision problems are found, the earlier and better we can treat them! Scheduling regular eye exams gives your child the best vision possible.

Our eye doctors are friendly and knowledgeable about the developmental process of vision for kids eye health. Having a comprehensive eye exam gives you the best possible chance of catching potential vision problems in time to correct them.

Vision impacts so much more than sight: it is your child’s way of interacting with and interpreting the world. Behavior, interpersonal skills, and other developmental milestones depend on proper vision.

Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins

Poudre Valley Eyecare: Kid friendly optometrist Fort Collins

Our schedules fill up fast! Call to make sure you get on our schedule. All of our pediatric optometrists in Fort Collins are great choice to give your kids the best possible vision care–and a great healthcare experience. Your top rated optometrist for kids in Fort Collins CO.

Our children’s eye doctors are renowned for their ability to take complex topics and make them easy to understand. Besides being excellent eye doctors for kids, each of our optometrists is a great person, too. In fact, our entire office gets 5-star reviews on their friendliness and competence (which is a feat these days!).

What happens during a child’s eye exam?

The specifics of each visit will change with the developmental process of your child’s vision. Generally, your eye doctor will perform basic screening and other assessments to make sure there are no abnormal developments or diseases.

Did you know that some diseases are discovered during eye exams? This is one reason it’s important to have a routine eye exam for your child and yourself!

When To Schedule Pediatric Optometry Appointments

Authoritative bodies in optometry and eye health (AAPOS, AAO, agree on a general timeline for eye doctor appointments. After reviewing these recommendations, give us a call to schedule your child’s eye exam!

From 6 To 12 Months

Your child will have had a newborn screening already and will need a checkup around the 6-month mark. At this time we’ll evaluate normal reflexes, eye alignment, and general eye healthiness.

From 12 To 36 Months

During this eye exam, your optometrists will look for signs of amblyopia, more commonly known as “lazy eye.” Our optometrist will also make sure the eye is continuing to develop according to age norms.

From 3 To 5 Years

At this stage in your child’s eye development, we’ll check more specifically for your child’s ability to coordinate eye movement along with visual acuity.

Visual acuity involves the most familiar eye exam–the eye chart. Your eye doctor will also assess your child’s vision for signs of refractive issues (ie near, far-sightedness), poor alignment (strabismus), and once again check for signs of lazy eye.

5 Years And Older

At 5 years old and every one or two years following, your child’s routine eye exams will focus on checking visual acuity and signs of developing issues. Myopia (near-sightedness) is common in this age group.

As mentioned previously, a comprehensive eye exam for children can detect retinal disease or underlying symptoms of systemic disease. Adhering to the recommended timeline for pediatric eye exams will help your child have the best possible vision and health as they grow.

What are the signs of vision problems in children?

Children’s vision problems can be difficult to diagnose in day-to-day life–especially if they aren’t of reading age. That said, if you notice that your child tends to squint often or gets their face unusually close to a screen to see, you should schedule an appointment.

Vision problems aren’t always solved by prescription lenses. Vision therapy is a common solution for kids with vision problems. When kids aren’t able to coordinate their eyes, getting them to work together, vision therapy can help train their vision to improve.

Educational, Social, And Behavior Changes Can Be Signs of Vision Problems

Besides reading issues, you may find that children with problems in schoolwork and relationships are actually dealing with vision-related problems. If your child is exhibiting behaviors or getting grades that seem below their potential, you should schedule an appointment with an optometrist for children to rule out vision-related issues.

Vision therapy can be especially helpful for children struggling in the classroom. The exercises from vision therapy can be performed at home and are simple, but important, to perform correctly.

Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins
Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins
Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins
Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins

Our Children’s Vision Doctors Make Exams Fun, Engaging, And Painless

Your child will never have to be afraid of an eye doctor appointment. Our experienced, compassionate eye doctors have extensive pediatric eye care training and are passionate about vision throughout their lifespan.

How to Take Care Of A Child’s Eyes

Scheduling regular eye exams for your kids is the absolute best way to protect your child’s eyes! Besides keeping eyes and eyelids generally clean, try these tips for healthy eyes outside the optometry office:

The 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule for eyes advises that for every 20 minutes of screen time you should take at least 20 seconds to look at something at least 20 feet away. It’s a good idea to regulate screen time for your kids. Setting a 20-minute timer for screen time and breaking it up with some outdoor time is a great way to keep little ones engaged.

Get Outside!

Spending time outside helps to train young eyes to focus on things far away. Doing this helps promote normal, healthy development of the eye’s coordination abilities for focusing and discovering all the wonderful, interesting things found outdoors.

Use Proper Eye Protection

When you are outside, use appropriate eye protection. In direct sunlight, wear UV-blocking sunglasses, and remember to bring a hat with a brim that gives some shade when sunlight is at its most intense.

Recreational activities including projectiles (sports balls, paintballs, nerf bullets, etc) necessitate the use of eye protection! Some kids might find this to be annoying, but there are a number of well-fitting, easy-to-see-through safety glasses.

Can too much screen time affect kids’ eyesight?

Yes! Just like too much screen time is bad for adults, children’s eyes are sensitive to the long periods of focus and stimulation from screens. Following the 20-20-20 rule is a good way to prevent digital eye strain in kids and give their eyes opportunities to focus at different distances.

If you have concerns about your kids focus or eyes due to excessive screen time, please reach out to us to schedule an exam.

Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins

Questions about pediatric eye care?

If you have any questions about your child’s eyes or vision, please call us today! We’re happy to walk you through common and abnormal situations and can provide peace of mind and/or direct steps for at least one part of the roller coaster of parenting!

Why Choose Us for Your Vision and Eye Care?

Advanced technology and individualized care allow us to deliver optimal results for patients of all ages in Fort Collins and beyond. We perform routine eye exams to detect changes in your vision, which helps us treat those changes early. Thanks to a comprehensive understanding of eye care, our eye doctors can treat a wide range of vision conditions and chronic diseases. In-depth eye exams combined with personalized treatment plans set us apart from the rest.