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Are You Considering Contact Lenses?

People love contacts because they deliver the benefits of glasses without the hassle. At Poudre Valley Eyecare, we’re all about making life easier for our patients, which is why we offer expert contact lens fittings at our Fort Collins office. Our contact lens fitting process involves multiple measurements and assessment of the eye itself to allow us to determine the very best lens option for you.  It’s easy to make an appointment, and even easier to go through our custom contact lens fitting process.

During your fitting appointment, we assess the following factors:

  • The visual acuity of each eye
  • Your body’s ability to produce tears
  • The actual surface of your eye
  • The size of your cornea
  • Any underlying eye disease that could complicate contact lens use

Once we’ve taken the measurements we need, we’ll recommend certain contacts and send you home with trials so you can experience how a truly custom fit feels.  All of our contact lens fittings include follow-up care for up to 3 months from your examination date to allow for the absolute best fitting contact lenses for even the most sensitive contact lens wearers. Once we have achieved your perfect fit, you can buy affordable contacts straight from our office! We even offer same-day contact lenses.

See The World In HD With Poudre Valley Eyecare

At the end of the day, we want to improve your quality of life. We believe that the only way we can accomplish this goal is by focusing on you. Whether you need to be re-fitted for contacts or it’s your first time, contact us in Fort Collins today!

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Why Choose Us?

Our advanced technology and individualized care deliver results for patients of all ages. Our routine exams allow us to spot changes in your vision and allow us to treat those changes early. We have a comprehensive understanding of eye care, which means we can treat a wide range of conditions and chronic diseases. Our in-depth routine exams and customized treatment plans set us apart from the rest.